Oil Pressure Gauge 63mm

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Oil Pressure Gauge 63mm x1 / 4 "Bottom connector

Pressure Gauge Pressure Gauge is a device for measuring pressure gauges. By reading the pressure on the dial Most of them are analogue or needle models. In areas of use with excessive vibration, such as near a pump Will use a type of oil triglycerine For accurate readings and less damage to the device.

Pressure gauge, oil pressure gauge, bottom, body made of stainless steel, durable, rust-proof, dial size 2 1/2 inches or 63 mm., Made of polycarbonate Very solid Durable from scratches Can measure the pressure from In the dial there is oil to nourish. To prevent needles sticking, their lifespan is longer than dry ones because there is no long-term sticking problem

Product features

  • Dry pressure gauge suitable for general pressure measurement.
  • Steel body


  • How to choose the correct gauge is Must use a pressure gauge
  • That is more than 3 times the required working pressure
  • For example, if you want to measure pressure at 10 bar, you must use a gauge at 30 bar.


  • Blue bar: is the pressure range suitable for use.
  • Yellow bar: ie, the yellow stripe should not be over pressure.
  • Red bar: This is the range of pressure that will damage the gauge.