Sumo 2.4mm Tungsten Welding Wire (Red)

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Tungsten Wire WT-20 (Red) 2.4MM

With a special formula, the whole stain retains its shape, so it's resistant to welding. Tungsten has passed the grinding method, unlike the polishing method, so it has a glossy finish. Smooth and smooth, making the flow flow more convenient. Beautiful welds, the arc flames on the deep line.


  • 2.4mm Tungsten Welding Wire (Red)
  • Tungsten Wire WT-20 (Red) 2.4MM


  • In believing the tig, it relies on the flow that passes through the end of the tungsten wire to the welding line to achieve the melting of the workpiece. By using argon gas as a gas used to cover the welding line. This kind of welding is usually heated to the workpiece. However, some workpieces may need to be filled with welding wire to complete the workpiece.
  • In this kind of connection, The current that is passed to the end of the tungsten wire will be important. Therefore, sharpening the entire stencil is important. As a result, the current sending to the ends of the wire is different as shown.


  • Availble in five types and five industry-standard diameters, SUMO premium line of tungsten eletrodes have undergone rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality and durability. Package of ten 175mm tungsten electrodes are color-coded
  • Note : Refer to manufacturer MSDS sheets for proper preparation safety. Use proper ventilation/capture during preparation. Refer to manufacturer warning regarding ventilation.