Sumo BOXING STICK welding machine model ARC-300 (mini)

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Stable and stable arc current, easy to weld beautiful. FULL BRIDGE IGBT INVERTER Can be used with generators Can be used with a wide range of voltage 170-270V The cooling fan will rotate. When users start welding

The working system is When the power is turned on for the first time, the system will work at only 60% (the cooling fan still won't spin), when the welding is on, the machine will automatically boot up. As a result, the machine will save 10-20% more electricity according to the welding style. When we stop welding for 4 minutes or more, the system will reduce the electricity consumption. The fan will stop spinning.

    Suitable for welding wire size Ø3.2 mm. A set of electric wires up to 5 meters long Rear cable length 152 cm