Sumo BOXING Welding Machine Digital Display ARC-200

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Electric welding machine Electric welding cabinet

Stable and stable welding current, easy arc, beautiful welding, cheap but good quality. Suitable for all work screens, digital display screens, 180 cm long cable

    Can be used with generators Suitable for Ø2.6 mm welding electrodes. Voltage (Power Voltage) : AC170V-270V - frequency (frequency) : 50 hz. - Rated power (Rated input current) : 22.8 A - Power connections (the output Playlist Rated Current) : 20-200A. - voltage connection (the output voltage software Playlist Rated) : 63V. - Work Ability (Duty Cycle) : 30% - Efficiency (Efficiency) : 80% - voltage while no load (load About Available No-voltage software) : the V 45. - Power factor (the Power Factor®) : 0.73. - protection class (Protection, Grade) : IP21S.

Suitable for Electric Welding Machine ARC-200 is suitable for welding wire size Ø The 2 . 6 mm Breakthrough.