Sumo European 300A Ground Ingress Pliers

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Earth Clamp 300A European Type SUMO

300A Grounding Pliers

The contact raft is made of 100% copper, making the current flow well. It is used for electrical welding, acting as a grounding to provide a full range of current in the welding flow.

The grounding and clamping point is made from 100% copper with excellent fire flow properties


  • European 300A SUMO Ground ingress Pliers
  • Earth Clamp 300A European Type SUMO


  • The grounding point and pliers are made of 100% copper, thus performing excellent current flow.
  • The pliers can be fixed to hold the workpiece or the welding table thickly, allowing continuous flow of electricity. Seamless welding
  • High strength steel handle

Suitable for

  • It is used in electrical welding, acting as a grounding, bringing electricity from the workpiece back to the welding machine to provide a full flow ingress current.

How to use

  • For connecting to an electric cable and clamping to the workpiece or table.


  • Always wear protective equipment while working, such as a welding mask, bib or leather jacket, long gloves, armband, cap, etc.
  • Connect the power cord to the welding pliers. Otherwise, high heat will occur around the joints until the power cord dissolves or burns.
  • Wear an eye, nose and body protection when use avoid to breathe fumes and gases.