Sumo Gas Cutting Kit Model 62-3F

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Gas Cutting Torch Model 62-3F SUMO

Cutting steel with thickness up to 300 mm. Gas pipeline is made of stainless steel. High strength, maintain heat level during cutting as well.

Suitable for

  • Cutting jobs Heat Burning Grooving
  • Cutting, Heating, Gouging


  • Cut steel with a thickness of up to 300 mm.
  • Gas pipeline made of stainless steel with high strength.
  • Fast and accurate accelerator valve
  • There is a safety system in the cutting head.
  • Maintain heat levels during cutting as well.


  • Heavy duty cutting-up to 300 mm steel.
  • Triangular stainless steel gas tubes for maximum strength.
  • Needle valves for fast, accurate flame adjustment.
  • Built-in safety plug in torch head.
  • Universal pressure - maintains stable preheat flame during cutting.

Standard Equipment

  • Cutting diameter width
  • Rat's Milk
  • Fish tail joints
  • Cutting handle

Standard Accessories

  • Circle cutting attachment uo to 600 mm
  • NX Nozzle Cutting TIP No. #0, #1, #2
  • Hose Tail Connector 9/16" x2PC
  • Torch Handle


  • The obstruction to the mouth of the Nozzle nozzle caused by the fire can cause a backlight, so for safety, put a backlight protection device on the handle of the gas cutting kit, wind gauge, gas gauge.
  • Backfire cause nozzle clogging by sparks. Put flashback on the shaft Cutting Torch, regulator, gas gauge for safety.


  • Unfle milk is easy to dissolve. Clogged up. This can cause back lights and explosions on the cutting head and cutting handle.
  • Backfire and explode cause by toching the nozzle against the workpiece.