Sumo Plasma Cutting Machine Model CUT-100

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Plasma Cutting Machine CUT-100 SUMO

Inverter plasma cutting machine can be cut at a thickness of up to 35 mm. and cut beautifully at a thickness of about 16 mm. No more decoration time. No need to replace the cutting head frequently.


  • Plasma Cutting Machine Model CUT-100 SUMO

Plasma Cutting Machine Inverter system can cut various workpieces easily and quickly. The workpiece is beautifully cut without the need for additional decoration, and has a system designed to operate without changing the cutting head frequently.


Plasma Cutting Kit /Plasma Turch

Grounding Pliers Set / Earth Clamp

Air Braided PVC/PVC HOSE

Air Compression Release Valve

Power Plugs / PowerPlug

Technical Data

Power Voltage (V) AC2V ±15%
Rated Input Power (KVA)17 17A
Rated output voltage 120V
No-load voltage 287V
Rated input current (A) 17A
Frequency Frequency (Hz) 50Hz
Rated output current 30-100A
Efficiency 85%
Duty Cycle Capability 60%
Power Factor 0.93
Protection grade protection level IP21
Class of Insulation F
Weight 19.3Kg
Dimension (mm) 515x260x480

Tips & Tricks

  • For maximum cutting efficiency, it should be connected to a 2.5sqmm or more power cord and used with sumo air pump.
  • Air volume 150 l/min
  • The air pressure should be set to 4-5 bar.