Sumo STICK 200 (IGBT) welding machine

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Welding Machine STICK 200 (IGBT) SUMO

Welding machine Portable design with shoulder strap, light weight, easy to move. Suitable for work at height

Lightweight welding machine Suitable for people traveling


  • STICK 200 (IGBT) SUMO welding machine
  • Welding Machine STICK 200 (IGBT) SUMO

Standard equipment

  • Connecting cable set 200A Thai connector 25mm2 length 5m
  • Grounding kit 200A Thai joint 25mm2 Length 2m

Standard Accessories

  • Electrode holder 200A Thai connector.
  • Earth clamp 200A Thai connector.


  • Protect yourself and others. Read and understand this information. FUMES AND GASES can be hazardous to your health. ARC RAYS can injure eyes and burn skin. ELECTRIC SHOCK can KILL.
  • Before use, read and understand the manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), and your employer's safety practices.
  • Keep your head out of fumes.
  • Use enough ventilation, exhaust at the arc, or both, to keep fumes and gases fro, your breathing zone and the general atea.
  • Wear correct eye, ear, and body protection.
  • Do not touch live electrical parts.