Sumo TIG 200A Smart Welding Machine

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Welding Machine TIG 200A SUMO SMART

Soft Welding Machine With System


Full current welding force 200 amps


  • TIG 200A SUMO SMART Welding Machine
  • Welding Machine TIG 200A SUMO SMART

Technical Data

Power Voltage AC220V±15% V
Frequency 50/60 HZ
Rated Input Current 28 A
No-load Voltage 56 V
Output Current 8-200 A
Rated Input Voltage 18 A
Duty Cycle 60%
No-Load Loss 40 W
ARC Start High Hf
Power Factor 0.73
Insulation Grade F
Housing Protection Grade IP21
Weight Thickness Stainless Steel Steel 0.4-6.0 mm 0.5-6.0 mm
Weight 6.55 kg
Dimension 410x155x295 mm

Standard Accessories

WP-26 Tig welding unit 7.5 m long

Grounding Kit 300A Length 2 m. Cable Size 16 mm Thai Joint 25P

PVC Braided Cable 2 m. Ø8 mm


Welding Cabinet Front Coupling/ Front Connector

Back connector/Back connector

TIG Welding Applications

  1. Put the tungsten on the tig welding handle and connect the cable in front of the welding cabinet and connect the argon gas cable.
  2. Plug it into the 220V/50Hz home outlet, then press the power switch on the back of the welding machine. The welding fan starts to rotate, and the display is on fire.
  3. Adjust the welding current as needed and turn on the argon gas on the gas tank by adjusting the gas accordingly.
  4. Put the welding handle down to the piece, keeping the stainless steel about 2-4 mm away from the workpiece. Press the switch on the welding handle to achieve the arc and start welding.

The guide

Before welding, press and hold the switch for 2-3 seconds to fire the gas in the welding gun to prevent dark spots in the welding, as the gas will cover the workpiece for the perfect welding and the best welding wound. After stopping the welding, hold the welding handle in the welding position for 3-5 seconds so that the gas covers the workpiece to prevent black burns in the welding. Do not lift the handle immediately after welding.

Care & Care

  1. Clean the machine by using a blower, blowing dust out of the machine and using a dry cloth to wipe clean when it feels dirty. In case the machine is used in the floor with a lot of dust, blow it with a bare air and wipe it clean with a dry cloth every 1 month.
  2. Using a clean blower, the air pressure should be adjusted to prevent damage to the parts on the welding machine.
  3. Check the circuit system regularly. Check if the cable access points are still well connected and tight. Check the power cord and power plug, the front joint of the welding cabinet. If flakes and rust are found, clean it thoroughly and connect properly before your next use.
  4. Avoid and prevent water and steam from entering the welding machine. If water or steam is found in the welding machine, use a blower to dry the cleaner and check if the insulation is still normal.
  5. If you want to keep it for a long time after use, clean it thoroughly and pack the boxes in a clean, dry place.

Using TIG function

  1. Assemble tungsten on the TIG torch, connect the torch to the machine and connect the Argon gas to the machine.
  2. Plug in the machine to home electric 220V/50Hz, then pushing the power switch on the back of machine to "ON" direction, then power light and display are on and the cooled fan works.
  3. Adjust the current, turn on the argon gas at the gas cylinder and adjust to gas flow to be proper with the type of welding.
  4. Put the torch to the workpiece and keep the tungsten electrode 2-4mm from the workpiece, press switch on the torch to start arc and weld.


Before welding please hold the torch switch for a few seconds until all the air is clear out when you use the welder first time, and please noted that gas flow is the protection function to make sure the good welding result, so please hold the torch at the welding position for a few minutes after you finish your work.


  1. Remove dust by dry and clean compressed air regularly, if welding machine is operating in environment where is polluted with smokes and pollution air, the machine need remove dust every month.
  2. Pressure of compressed air must be within the reasonable range in order to prevent damaging to small components of inner-machine.
  3. Check internal circuit of welding machine regularly and make sure the circuit connections are connected correctly and tightly (especially plug-in connector and components). If scale and rust are found, please clean it, and connect again tightly.
  4. Prevent water and steam from entering into the machine. If that happens, please blow it dry and check insulation of machine.
  5. If welding machine will not be used for long time, it must be put into the packing box and stored in dry and clean environment.