Sumo Welding Machine STICK Mod.ARC-200 Boxing Mini

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Welding Machine Stable and stable welding current, easy arc, beautiful welding. Cheap price but good quality for welding wire size Ø2.6 mm. Suitable for all jobs, digital display screen, 180 cm long power cord FULL BRIDGE IGBT INVERTER can be used with generators. Voltage (Power Voltage) : AC170V-270V Frequency (Frequency) : 50 Hz Power (Rated input current) : 22.8 A Welding current (Rated output current) : 20-200A Welding voltage (Rated output voltage) : 63V Ability to work (Duty Cycle) : 30% Efficiency (Efficiency) : 80% No-load voltage: 45V Power Factor : 0.73 Protection grade: IP21S