Sumo Welding Wire Cylinder TRB-5KB

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Welding Rod Dryer Model TRB-5KB SUMO

Welding Wire Baking Cylinder Use voltage

Suitable for outdoor welding or high-rise welding applications, which are widely used in the energy chemical industry. Boilers, oil and metal, etc.

  • Can be removed from the welding wire, the temperature can be adjusted from 50-200 °C.
  • Welding wire can be baked up to 5 kg at a time.
  • The base is tight. Balanced setting

Suitable for

  • Outdoor welding or high-rise welding applications are widely used in the chemical industry. energy, boilers, oil and metals, etc.


  • Cylindrical shape made of high quality steel, blue.
  • The base is tight. Set up center
  • Welding wire can be baked up to 5 kg at a time.
  • The welding wire is heated evenly from the heat radiating from the underside of the welding wire baking cylinder.
  • It is a cylinder, bake, welding wire that is easy to pack and remove the welding wire after baking.
  • Light weight of only 2.9 kg, strong and easy to lift/move to the welding facility.

How to use

  • Use the "s" shaped hook. Pull the base and center of the rod up in the appropriate position, and then place the welding wire along the specified bottom length.
  • Once the base is pulled up to level 1 in 3 of the bars, the Use the original welding wire, plug it into the middle of the hole where the rod is placed. Once the wire cylinder is filled, the Gently place the base, close the lid.
  • After the welding wire is placed full of cylinders, Using 220V electricity, the power machine is adjusted to the desired temperature. While the cylinder is heating. The light lights up and when the heating is over, the light will turn off.
  • Due to the continuous control of the heat pipe, Therefore, the heat pipe with the inner baking cylinder has a different temperature. Heating the lights will be turned on and off a few times in a row to achieve the desired temperature.
  • When the heat reaches 200 °C. The temperature is very high. Do not use your hands. Avoid injury

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